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Fallon with the unicorn princess Moondance and the Unicorn Jewel

In Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, many magical unicorns live in and outside Avalon. Eventually, all three Jewel Riders have unicorn friends (first Moondance for Fallon, then soon Sunstar for Princess Gwenevere, and finally Shadowsong for Tamara) that assist them in their adventures.

Cleo Edit

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Father Edit

"Father unicorn" or "Royal unicorn" is Sunstar's loving father, briefly featured in both parts of "Jewel Quest" and in "Vale of the Unicorns". An advisor to Queen Sierra, he oversees the Trials in the Queen’s absence.

Kiernan Edit


Kiernan is a young, brooding male unicorn that is a cousin of Moondance. He is featured in the episode "Vale of the Unicorns", where he is the one who retrieves the Wizard Jewel and becomes destined to become the King of the Unicorns.

He is described in the draft script as "an auburn, teenage unicorn with dark reddish mane and tail, dark yellow topaz horn and hooves."

Moondance Edit

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Queen Sierra Edit

Queen Sierra

Sierra is the Queen of the Unicorns. She is featured in the episode "Vale of the Unicorns", where the Jewel Riders and her offspring Kiernan and Moondance rescue her from the evil witch Morgana. She is also an aunt of Cleo.

The draft script described Sierra as "a gorgeous purple unicorn with silver jewel spots, long flowing silvery mane and tail, and diamond horn and hooves, with a white-gold crown circling the base of her horn."

Shadowsong Edit

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Other unicorns Edit

  • Toria and Violet - The other contestants in "Vale of the Unicorns", pink- and violet-colored respectively. (In the draft script, Toria is described as a "sapphire blue female with light blue mane and tail, blue topaz horn and hooves," and Violet as an "aptly named female with dark purple mane and tail, amethyst horn and hooves.")

Legacy Edit


Many unicorns (including those named Clio and Violet) appear in Avalon: Web of Magic, as also does a human character named Sierra, a mage who helps the girls hide a herd of unicorn foals in Song of the Unicorns.

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