Thornwoods is the foremost south-eastern section of the Great Forests, in a rocky mountainous valley bordering the Great Plains and the Burning Desert.

It was once a beautiful woodland but now it is a foreboding, dark forest of dangerous thorn trees, warped by the dark magic of Lady Kale's Dark Stone. Anyone who dares to enter it must proceed with caution through a dangerous thorny territory.

It is featured in "Jewel Quest, Part II" but thorn trees also grow "Travel Trees Can't Dance" and in the final two episodes of the first season. (In an early script, thorn trees were to be crystal, similar to the activated Travel Trees.)

Castle Thornwoods Edit

Castle Thornwood

Castle Thornwoods is a "Gothic style" dark and gloomy residence of the evil witch Lady Kale, located deep within the Thornwoods. Kale has her sinister-looking throne in the castle's courtyard (the interiors of its many turrets are never shown), where she plots to conquer all of Avalon.

Castle Thornwoods is first featured in "Jewel Quest, Part II", where it gets heavily damaged by Kale's own out-of-control Dark Stone. It is then briefly revisited in the episode "Dreamfields" (in a dream scene) and in the second season's "Mystery Island".

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