"The Wizard of Gardenia" is the seventeenth episode of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. Its international titles include Catalan "El mag de la Gardènia", German "Falscher Zauber", French "Chanceux le petit magicien", Portuguese "O feiticeiro de Gardenia", Russian "Волшебник Гардении", Serbo-Croat "Čarobnjak Gardenije", and Spanish "El mago de Gardenia".

In the magical gardens of Gardenia, a gardener gnome named Chance fools the Jewel Riders into thinking that he is one of the great wizards from Avalon's past, and capable of great magic. The gnome has the ability to sculpt magical topiary animals that transform into crystal creatures. When the Jewel Riders discover that Chance is not what he appears to be, they convince the little fellow to help them retrieve a powerful Wizard Jewel from a dangerous place called the Sorcerer's Playground before Kale and Morgana can do it first.

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The Jewel Riders ride off to a wizard's lair somewhere outside Avalon. With the help of Gliders, the girls arrive in a place called Gardenia, populated by strange animals that Tamara can not communicate with.

They fight off hostile living shrubberies, and meet a gnome gardener then explains he is Chance, an apprentice to the wizard Mallory. After Mallory got banished by Merlin, Chance spent his time tending the gardens in Mallory's lair. He decides to help the Jewel Riders save Archie and find that place of strong magic.

Meanwhile, the evil witches Lady Kale and Morgana are ransacking a tree castle that was Mallory's lair, trying to find a Wizard Jewel. Kale's dweasels arrive with the news the Jewel Riders are there and and are sent to spy on them.

The Jewel Riders head off with Cance. They fight off Mallory's crystal animal guardians—a dinosaur in a quicksand trap and a herd of giant bats in a forest—but Archie unfortunately gets turned into crystal and is kidnapped by the dweasels. They then run off back to Kale with crystallized Archie, thinking he is a magic jewel of some sort.

The Jewel Riders finally find the place of strong magic: the Wizard's Playground, which is hidden behind a magical force field barrier. Fallon and her friends dispel the barrier and discover a hedge maze with moving hedges that can turn creatures into shrubberies. After navigating the maze, the Jewel Riders finally locate the Wizard Jewel, but Kale and Morgana arrive there too.

Lady Kale uses Archie as a hostage to get Gardenia's Jewel, and uses her Dark Stone to find the Garden Stone. During the confrontation, Chance find out he has his own magical powers that he uses to make a crystal shrubbery animal of his own. It turns out to be a giant dragon that blows away Kale and her dragon Grimm, and eventually the Jewel Riders obtain their first Wizard Jewel. Chance then restores are Archie to normal, promises to make Merlin proud someday, and flies off on his new dragon friend.

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Main article: The Wizard of Gardenia (script)

Gardenia was based on the gardens of the palace at Versailles and the Japanese-style gardens. Other inspirations included the film Jurassic Park. In the script, the Jewel Riders were originally going to be attacked by "sound clouds" that emitted ball lightning as they crossed the desert.

Avalon: Web of Magic connections Edit

  • Kara gets lost in the Ravenswood hedge maze in All That Glitters.
  • The Ravenswood topiaries come to life when Orenda possesses them in Ghost Wolf.

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