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Shadowsong is a major character in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. He is introduced in the titular episode "Shadowsong" and voiced by Henry Mandell.

Shadowsong and Tamara

Shadowsong is one of the magic animals of the Jewel Riders. He is a special friend of Tamara, bonded with her through the Heart Stone, and her mount through most of the show's second season. His special unique ability is to call through and open a portal to the Wild Magic from anywhere, similar to Kit and the Gliders.

In the show Edit

Tamara and trapped Shadowsong

Shadowsong is an unusual unicorn, a striped 'zebracorn'. He has been introduced early during the second season. Tamara shares her Heart Stone once they get bonded and she names him after they rescue each other from a spider monster and soon afterwards also from Morgana.

Tamara Shadowsong

Coming from the Veldt realm outside of Avalon, Shadowsong is further unique in the show in that his horn can function like an Enchanted Jewel. He is also the only male magical animal seen bonded with a Jewel Rider. (The others being Princess Gwenevere's flying unicorn Sunstar with the Sun Stone and Fallon's unicorn princess Moondance with the Moon Stone, and formerly also Queen Anya's striped tigress Wintermane.)

Behind the scenes Edit

Development Edit

Art director Greg Autore said: "Gwen and Fallon already had special animals. I know Tamara had her small animal friends but she was always limited to having to ride in the carriage. I wanted her to have a special animal friend like Sunstar – but how do you compete with a unicorn and a flying horse. I wanted the new friend to be totally unique and stunning in its own way. Somehow the idea of a zebra-striped unicorn came to me and we made a rough model. The model was especially cool."[1]

Legacy Edit

Emily and Indi

Emily and Indigo as an unicorn

  • In Avalon: Web of Magic, the character Indigo (or Indi, as he is better known as) is a shape-shifting power crystal who stayed in the form of a purple and blue unicorn stallion to bond with Emily Fletcher and become her paladin.
  • Almost everything that happens between Tamara and Shadowsong in their first episode also happens to Emily and Indi in the book Heart of Avalon — most notably, the part where Indi absorbs the poisoned water elemental magic and "dies," and the Heart of Avalon breaks in half.
  • Kara also bonds with Starfire after naming him, just like Tamara does with Shadowsong.
  • Furthermore, there is also a wolf character named Moonshadow.

References Edit

  1. Greg Autore and the Toy Design of Jewel Riders - Part Two - The Jewel Riders Archive

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