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Princess Gwenevere is the main character in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, also known as Starla in the Starla & the Jewel Riders international version. She was voiced by Kerry Butler for the first season and by Jean Louisa Kelly for the second one.


Princess Gwenevere, AKA Starla (depending on which version of the show), is the star of the show, the newest Jewel Rider and the champion for the side of righteousness, and is herself to be the queen of the magical Kingdom of Avalon when she comes of age. When the series begins, sixteen-year-old Gwenevere, the upright, bold and very beautiful Princess of Avalon, daughter of Queen Anya and King Jared living in the Crystal Palace inside the kingdom of New Camelot, is only about to become a Jewel Rider and the heir to the throne must be worthy of being one. However, since Queen Anya's sister Lady Kale was judged unworthy and went on to become an outlaw sorceress, the pressure on the Queen to test her daughter was very great and the pressure on Gwen was even worse.

It is during this tense time, when Gwen, although naturally lighthearted and fun-loving, proves herself capable of hard work and responsibility during the initial quest to win back the Crown Jewels of Avalon from her aunt. Though she is the most inexperienced of the Jewel Riders, Princess Gwenevere becomes their leader after the first episode, and the other riders must follow her commands. She receives the sacred Sun Stone at the Friendship Ring Ceremony, handed down by her mother, and is bonded with Sunstar, her winged pegasus-like unicorn (voiced by Deborah Allison). The orange Sun Stone (the Jewel of Light) is most powerful under the bright sun and uses the different colors of the rainbow to create various effects. She also tried to find a boyfriend; this was more difficult. While she had always been attracted to Drake, the leader of the Knights of Avalon (the Pack), she also found his overconfidence annoying. In the second season she befriends and later falls in love with a werewolf prince named Ian.

Gwen is good-natured, but also somewhat spoiled and prissy despite her beauty. She has certain traits that she has inherited from her famous namesake: courage, a strong will, and impulsiveness, but she has also has a fiery temper and can sometimes be snobby and pretentious. She loves to dress up in fancy dresses and attend royal parties, obsessed with fashion and beauty. On several occasions, Gwenevere tries to reason with her wicked aunt Kale in the episode "Dreamfields", when Kale and Gwen compete for the Dreamfields Jewel in each other's shared dream, both even switch their roles with each other and Gwen must rely on her friends to help her fight off the corrupting nightmares of the Dark Stone (Gwen also becomes "evil" when she falls under Kale's hypnotic spell in the episode "Fashion Fever"). In the second season, she learns from a fortune teller aided by a Wizard Jewel of her destiny to become the ruler of Avalon. Motivated by this vision, she is able to gain the confidence and lead the Jewel Riders to the ultimate victory, first defeating Kale, and then returns the powers of the captured Dark Stone for good, joining it with her Sun Stone and allowing the Jewel Riders to successfully challenge the power of Morgana.

Official biosEdit


Gwenevere is the sixteen-year old bold and beautiful Princess of Avalon, daughter of Queen Anya and King Jared. Gwenevere is a true heroine, ready to face the challenges that await her as she rides the wings of her destiny to become the next Queen of the kingdom.

She has certain traits that she has inherited from her famous namesake -- courage, a strong will, and impulsiveness. She also has a fiery temper and can sometimes be snobby and pretentious. Happily, she has bonded with a rare and stunning winged unicorn named Sunstar who works with the young Princess to help her realize her potential and develop her inner beauty. Sunstar will teach Gwenevere to make the right decisions, and keep a positive outlook, always. Gwenevere's (human) best friends, Fallon and Tamara are a great source of happiness for the princess and contribute enormously to her growth as a young woman and future leader of the kingdom.

Gwenevere and Sunstar share the Sun Stone, the stone of light, handed down by Gwenevere's mother, Queen Anya.

Upper DeckEdit

Gwenevere, the 16-year-old Princess of Avalon, is intelligent and incredibly beautiful. She often attends royal parties, so her closet is filled with special outfits in her favourite colors - gold, violet, blue and pink. Gwen is graceful and poised and always looking for adventure. "Make it happen," she says.

Super 3Edit

Princess Starla, the daughter of Queen Anya and King Jared, lives in Crystal Palace. At the Circle of Friendship Friendship Ceremony she shared the Sun Stone with Sunstar, a flying unicorn. Soon become the head of the Amazons, whose mission is to restore and protect Merlin's Enchanted Jewels, the magical stones that support the Kingdom of Avalon, a place full of magic. Beautiful, vain, with a big heart and a little spoiled, Starla loves extravagant costumes and royal parties, but especially to flirt with Drake, the Lord of Wolves'.


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