Crystal CarriageEdit

The Crystal Carriage is a large wagon carriage often driven by Tamara and pulled by the old giant wolf named Chooga during the first season. Once parked, the Carriage can transform into an elaborate tent ("open into tent mode").

At some point during the show's pre-production, it was known the Crystal Camper as was to be pulled by two horses.[1]

Dragon Wagon Edit

Fallon Wagon

Fallon hanging from a side of the Wagon high in the air in "Badlands"

The Dragon Wagon is the evil Lady Kale's aerial vehicle, carried by her flying dragon Grimm. The Wagon contains Kale's open cabin in the front and a prison-hold in the back.

Kale's other animal minions Rufus and Twig (the dweasels) are usually perched on the its side stabilizers. Nets can be deployed from it to trap and capture animals or people. The wagon is precariously open on the sides and Kale falls out of it repeatedly.

During the period when Kale is briefly gone after the end of the first season, Rufus and Twig rename the Dragon Wagon a "Dweasel Wagon" and take it with Grimm to their home in Dweasel Nook.

The Jewel of Avalon Edit

The Jewel of Avalon

The Jewel of Avalon is a sailboat ship belonging to the Jewel Riders. It is only featured in the episode "The Jewel of the Sea" when they travel to the Magic Lagoon. The symbol of Sunstar is painted on its sail.

It is described in the script as "a forty foot sloop with a mainsail and a forward mast. The giant sails emblazoned with the Jewel Riders symbol catch the wind, propelling the craft like an arrow across the waters. Archie sits high atop the mast in the Crow's Nest. Fallon is at the helm, in the back cockpit holding the wheel. Tamara and Moondance man the sails."

In the work-in-progress treatment "Mermaids", the boat was to be steered by the old Captain Crowley, a character that was later completely removed.[2]

References Edit

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