"Love Struck" is the tenth episode of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. It is a filler episode about the Pack leader Drake. Its international titles include Catalan "Un amor fulminant", French "Trois mariages et un embêtement", German "Liebe siegt", Russian "Родной дом и сила сердечного камня", Serbo-Croat "Udar ljubavi", and Spanish "Loco de amor".

Drake pulls a greedy magic sword from a tree, which promises to get him any girl. He tries some magic love poems out on Gwen, Fallon and Tamara, and ends up with plans to take each of them to the dance that night.

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At yet another craft fair, this time in Greenwood, Drake plays practical jokes on Thunder and Gwen, and attempts to get a date for the big dance. Gwen and Tamara both turn him down, and Drake does not bother asking out Fallon.

Meanwhile, a carnie thrusts a magical talking Sword of Garmondale into a tree and asks people to pull it out, promising the sword will grant a wish. Drake succeeds in pulling out the sword, and he wishes to get any girl he wants.

The sword works its magic. It feeds Drake bad love poetry, and makes all three Jewel Riders accept his advances, including Fallon. But the sword has ulterior motives: it wants the magic of their Enchanted Jewels for itself.

After the Jewel Riders get dressed for the occasion, they all discover that they got dates with Drake. So they decide to screw with him during the dance. This leads to Drake getting marriage proposals from all three girls.

So Drake meets his future bride at midnight party in the craft fair. Unfortunately, he ends up getting "married" to a pig. Then the girls all come out and tell Drake that they messed with him.


The talking sword will have none of this, though, so he "marries" the Sun Stone, Moon Stone, and Heart Stone, and starts draining their magic and grow in size. The Jewel Riders blast the sword with magic, overloading it. The sword turns back to normal, and the sword’s owner returns to get it back.

Avalon: Web of Magic connections Edit

  • This episode has elements of The Warlock Diaries and Spellsinger. In Warlock Diaries, Emily and Adriane fall in love with Donovan thanks to a love spell, and Crumble the minion tries to obtain the magic of the Ravenswood refugees. Spellsinger establishes that bonded animals can usually detect when their mages are being enchanted.
  • Bubbleberries are mentioned again in this episode.

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