Lord Batton is a recurring minor character in the first season of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.  

He is one of the young noblemen of the kingdom of Avalon who fancies Princess Gwenevere, appearing in several episodes through the series. 

Appearances Edit

Batton is a snobby young lord introduced in "Badlands", when Princess Gwenevere looks up to meet the "cute" Batton at the party in Castle Greenwood, even as Fallon thinks his is a "stuck up clod". When Gwen finally meets him, however, it turns out he is rather interested in dancing with the handsome knight Dennan (who instead dances with Fallon). In "Dreamfields", Batton returns in his largest speaking role as Gwen finds herself stuck in an awkward and boring date as seems to be more interested in his own mirror reflection than in her.  

Lord Batton is later very briefly featured in "Love Struck". He also briefly appears again in "The Wishing Jewel".  

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  • Drake and Ian, Gwen's other boy interests


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