Kit the prism fox is a minor recurring character in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. She is a very special magic animal featured in the episodes "Home Sweet Heart Stone" and "Full Circle".

Kit is baby prism fox, a legendary and very rare magic animal that talks with musical sounds and is able to transforming into a crystal prism fox. Her prism coat acts like a jewel armor, protecting little Kit when she rides through the wild magic that she can enter anywhere through a swirling vortex portal. Her parents are Indigo and Spirit.

Tamara and the Jewel Riders rescue her from the evil Lady Kale, who wants Kit to grow up to become her "great and powerful" prism fox. Kit is later is called by her friends and help them defeat Kale in the season's finale when he arrives with some gliders so the Jewel Riders can enter the Wild Magic without the use of Travel Trees.

Behind the scenes Edit

Kit has an analogous character in Avalon: Web of Magic: Lyric the crystal cat. They are both legendary singing creatures that can turn into crystal.

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