Prince Ian is a major character in the second season of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, introduced in the titular episode "Prince of the Forest". Voiced by Bob Kaliban, he was originally designed as Tamara's boyfriend and later inspired the character of Lorren in Avalon: Web of Magic.

Ian Gwen love

Ian is a towering, stunningly handsome young man who harbors a terrifying secret involving a missing Wizard Jewel. He becomes Drake's rival for the heart of Princess Gwenevere in the second season of the show. As a sworn protector and champion of the Princess, Ian becomes a key ally of the Jewel Riders when he arrives to aid Gwenevere in her final battles against the forces of evil.

"I have pledged my heart to you, Gwenevere. I am yours to command!"

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Ian 2

Ian and Gwenevere's first meeting

Ian 3

The Beast captured by the Outlaws

Ian is introduced halfway through the second season as titular character of the episode "Prince of the Forest". He is really a huge, humanoid wolf known as the Beast using the magic of a Wizard Jewel, the Jewel of Arden, to appear human. The Beast is the protector of the faery wraith queen Arienda. When Princess Gwenevere first meets him in the Forests of Arden, he follows Gwen and appears to her as a very tall, muscular and good-looking but also very mysterious boy that rescues her from a mud hole. The Princess gives him a human name of Ian as both she and him fall in love for each other, and later she saves him in turn from a bear trap in his real Beast form, without recognizing him. Ian speaks a very broken human language in his new human form at first, but gets quite fluent later.

Morgana Ian

The evil sorceress Morgana tempting Ian to give up the Jewel of Arden to her

Ian Gwen kiss

Ian and Gwen sharing a magic kiss

Later, after Gwenevere she again saves him from an attack by the Outlaws, Ian is soon captured by Gwen's evil aunt, the witch Lady Kale who wants his Wizard Jewel and uses Arienda as a bait to lure him into yet another trap. But when Kale and Morgana also attack Gwenevere, the enraged Ian turns into the Beast and with the help of the arriving other Jewel Riders fights off the villains, after which he agrees to give up his jewel to Gwen despite his fears of losing his love afterwards. She and he then dance, kiss, and promise to meet there other every year when the magic of the faery wraiths would let him become a human.

Return Edit

Ian 22

Ian and Gwenevere about to take out Lady Kale with the Staff of Avalon

Gwen Ian Dark Stone

Gwen hands over the Dark Stone to Ian

Ian returns in the show's final episodes, when his intervention plays a crucial role in vanquishing the forces of darkness. In "Lady of the Lake" ("Spirit of Avalon"), Ian comes to rescue of his Princess at the last moment from Lady Kale trying to destroy Gwenevere, who uses the Staff of Avalon to call upon him to aid her. Ian teleports into the crystal henge at the Heart of Avalon. He uses the jewel around back his neck jewel, this time capable of sending powerful magical blasts, and again assumes his human form. He then assists his love in at long last freeing Avalon from Kale's threat for good, and then safeguards the dangerous Dark Stone that she wielded. Fallon also becomes "definitely interested" in him.[1]

Ian 28

Gwen leaning to revive Ian with a kiss

When helping the girls during the final contest for each of the Wizard Jewels against Morgana in "The Last Dance" ("The One Jewel"), Ian helps them in the fight in his Beast form and then actually sacrifices his life for Gwen during the struggle for the Time Stone. But soon the Princess manages to revive him with a kiss and "the magic of love", at the same time also restoring Arden that had been just destroyed by Morgana, and winning the Jewel of Arden. After that, together with the Jewel Riders, the Pack and Merlin, he takes part in the task of once-and-for-all defeating Morgana and the ancient wizards as well. The very last scene show Gwen and Ian hold their hands while looking in each other's eyes.

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Ian design

Prince's concept art

Development Edit

Ian 9

Final version for a comparison

Ian's original concept was this of a character known as just a Prince. According to creative director Greg Autore, "this new character was to be a suggested love interest for Tamara with her affinity for animals. It was a prince who was trapped by dark wild magic to take the form of an animal."[2]

Ian has been named Ranger in the show's known draft scripts, described therein as following: "He is tall with long rusty hair and a blonde streak (Fabio meets Tarzan)." The Beast was also not wolf-like in these scripts, but was instead described as a bear creature.[3] He was originally voiced by Bob Kaliban, dubbed over by Christian Stark in German.

Legacy Edit

Kara and Lorren

Kara and Lorren (with Lyra)

In Avalon: Web of Magic, the nonhuman character Lorren goes by the alias "Forest Prince" and is also one of love interests of Gwen's analogue character Kara Davies, as is the blonde warlock named Donovan. Another prince character from Aldenmor, Marlin, is also a love interest of Emily.

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