Wild Magic Gliders (or more commonly known as just Gliders) are a group of supporting characters in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.


Fallon & Nubbin in "Vale of the Unicorns"

The Gliders are magical, friendly, flying squirrel-like creatures that travel through or live within the Wild Magic and can enter and exit it anywhere at will, be it in Avalon or in the other realms. They are introduced at the end of the first season. Three of them, named Nubbin, Drifter and Floater,[1] are recurring characters through the series' second season after Merlin asks them to help the Jewel Riders.

Appearances Edit

Gliders Kit

Wild Magic Gliders with the crystallized Kit in "Full Circle"

Gliders first appear in "Full Circle", when the summoned Kit the prism fox arrived with four Gliders. They explain are her friends who were asked by Kit's parents asked to watch over her, so she could not get lost again. It is also revealed that Merlin was rescued by Gliders after having been thrown into the Wild Magic by the evil Lady Kale.

Gliders Shadowsong

Nubbin, Drifter and Floater with Gwenevere, Sunstar and Fallon in "Shadowsong"

In the second season, Nubbin, Drifter and Floater are introduced in "Morgana", where they help the lost Jewel Riders reach the Crystal Peaks. Tamara used her Heart Stone to summon them to again guide the Jewel Riders through the Wild Magic in "Shadowsong", and later they locate Tamara and take her to rescue Gwenevere and Fallon trapped within the Tower of Glass in the Icy Wastes.

Gliders Pack

With The Pack in "The Last Dance"

The three are also featured in "Mystery Island" and get summoned to aid the Jewel Riders in "Vale of the Unicorns" and (offscreen) in "The Fortune Jewel". Drake and Gwenevere fail to call upon them in "The Wishing Jewel". During the series' finale, they briefly appear in "The Last Dance" ("The One Jewel") to bring the Pack to the center of the Wild Magic so they can together help Merlin defeat the show's ultimate villainess Morgana.

Behind the scenes Edit


Kara and the D-Flies in Avalon

Originally there were to be only two Gliders, named Baubble and Cuddles.[2]

The Gliders and Windy inspired the D-Flies in Avalon: Web of Magic.

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References Edit

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