The following are the main credits for Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

Credits Edit

Creator and director: Robert Mandell

Producers Edit

  • Executive producers: Allen J. Bohbot, Joseph A. Cohen, Robert Mandell, Ralph J.Sorrentino
  • Producers: Eleanor Kearney, Winnie Chaffee, Raissa Roque (associate)

Writing Edit

  • Story editor: Shelly Shapiro (executive), George Toshio Johnson (associate)
  • Writers: Robert Mandell, Christopher Rowley, Robin Young, Katherine Lawrence, James Luceno, Mary Stanton, Laura Munro, Laraine Arkow, Marlowe Weisman, Marianne Meyer
  • Supervisor: Ken Kushnick

Production management Edit

  • Production manager: Mieka West
  • Post-production supervisor: Peter Roos, Craig Seti
  • Production coordinator: Peter Mosen, Barbara Jean Kearney, Tim Long, Marcus Pauls
  • Production assistant: Jamie Turner, Santiago DaSilva, Nancy Ying

Art department Edit

  • Art direction: Gregory J. Autore, Bill Zeats (studio B)
  • Senior design director: Jane Abbott
  • Character design: Todd Britton, Bob Davies, Marlon Deane, Kathleen Estes, Brenda Hardin, Michael Kiley, Todd Britton
  • Prop & background design: Tina Akland, Trevor Bentley, Ping Chang, Chris Labonte, Gord McBride, Olaf Miller, Chris Roberts, Curt Spurging, Mike Valiquette, Joseph Daniello (prop), Enrico Casarosa (background)
  • Storyboard artist: Nicholas Filippi, Oliver Thomas, Tom Nesbitt, Glen Lovett, Lance Taylor, Robin Brigstocke, Armando Carillo, Shawna Cha-Gallego, Kurt Conner, Scott Heming, Cesar Magsombol, Bradley C. Radder, David Reed, Robin Brigstocke
  • Storyboard slugging: Brad Neave, Eduardo Soriano, James Kirk
  • Storyboard revision: Colleen Holub, Enrico Casarosa, Greg Dubuque, Maurice Fontenot
  • Storyboard timer: Ron Crown

Anmation department: Edit

  • Animation director: James Tang
  • Overseas animation supervisor: Christopher Labonte, Cherry Chen, Chris Labonte
  • Timing director: David Thrasher, Frank Weiss
  • Animation timing: Ron Crown, Eduardo Soriano
  • Color design: Kellie Devries, Bonni Reid, Candi Harrah
  • Background styling: Greg Gibbons, Danuta Rogula, Cheng-Li 'Kelly' Chan, Dai Dai, Nash Dunnigan, Li Ming
  • Lip assigment: Cathy Luker
  • Main titles: James Petropoulos, Matthew Oldfield, Daniel Pagan
  • Animation effects: Ian Tetrault
  • Clean-up artist: Irene Wu
  • Colorist: Jack Baierlein, Martin Zeichner

Editorial department Edit

  • Editing: Raissa Roque, Robert Artell, David Gauff, George Toshio Johnson (associate), Christopher Koons (on-line)
  • Video editor: Robert Artell, David Gauff, Larry Rubinstein

Music and sound Edit

  • Music: Louis Fagenson
  • Music supervisor: Ken Kushnick
  • Songs producer: Jeff Pescetto
  • Audio post-production: Peter Roos, Richard Fairbanks, Chad Collins
  • Recording director: Peter Fernandez
  • Pre-production sound: Roger Jakubiec, Lynn Gillis, Debbie Warren, Barry Epps

Other crew Edit

  • Executive consultant: Perry W. Drosos, Diedre Barrett England, Murray Froiklin

Cast Edit

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders - Recording Session & Final Film - Revenge of the Dark Stone29:42

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders - Recording Session & Final Film - Revenge of the Dark Stone

Princess Gwenevere (Starla) and the Jewel Riders - Recording Session & Final Film - Full Circle-035:20

Princess Gwenevere (Starla) and the Jewel Riders - Recording Session & Final Film - Full Circle-0

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