In Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, the Kingdom of Avalon is a non-industrial society, using craft to produce goods. There are no factories and the economic market is primarily one of barter and trade. People take pride in the quality of goods that are made and creative expression is encouraged among everyone.

Craft GuildsEdit

Skills are handed down from generation to generation and are taught in craft schools where apprentice programs are chosen by youngsters who show affinities for certain crafts. New Camelot is known throughout the land for the quality of its craft schools.

Young people who complete apprentice programs in craft areas receive badges to identify their skills and accomplishments. Craft skill levels are: Apprentice, Journeyman/Journeywoman, and Master. (Fallon's parents Alfred and Winerva are both Craft Masters.)

Craft Fairs Edit

Craft Fair

Craft Fair at the Enchanted Gardens of the Crystal Palace in "Fashion Fever"

Craft Fairs are held often where tradesman and woman come to show off their goods and barter their wears. These craft fairs are also great excuses for everyone to throw grand parties, which are especially relished by the young people.

People and animals come from all over the land to attend Craft Fair parties. Musical performances and competitive sports are favorite activities at the fairs, as is singing and dancing.

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