Baby animals, also known as just babies, are a group of supporting characters in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders.

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They are a trio of baby magic animals in Tamara's care: Spike the panther, Cleo the unicorn, and Sugar the dragon. More similar animals can be found at Tamara's parents' Heartland Farm, including Kit the prism fox.
Enchanted Camelot Tamara

Enchanted Camelot work-in-progress prototypes

The baby animals have been chosen because they resonate strong vibes when near the Heart Stone. When one of the Enchanted Jewels is ready to be passed on to a new youngster and animal, Tamara senses which animal is ready to bond with a human. Each baby in Tamara's care has potential to bond with a young person, and give him or her the emotional strength to become a Jewel Rider.

Although the babies can not communicate telepathically to anyone but Tamara, they can still get their point across very well. All of the babies are anxious to help Tamara perform her duties and tend to get themselves involved in many adventures. The babies love to sing with Tamara and their back-up harmonies and innovative dance steps make them constantly in demand for Craft Fair performances along with their mistress.

Tamara loves to walk and hike, but the babies prefer to ride in the Crystal Carriage, a traveling caravan camper designed specially to transport Tamara and the girls on their many journeys.

Cleo Edit

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Sugar Edit

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"Growing Friendships"

Sugar is a green baby dragon that is one of the babies. He is a fun-loving prankster that loves to play all day long.

Sugar has been known as Samantha ("Sam") during the show's pre-production, including in early scripts.[1][2][3] Sam was described in the Show Bible as following: "Pink dragon; loves to play and have fun all day, between all the eating and sleeping."

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