Queen Arienda is a minor recurring character in the second season of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. She is the Queen of the elusive Faery Wraiths, a magical race dwelling in the Forests of Arden, and a friend of Prince Ian.

Appearances Edit

Queen Arienda is introduced in the episode "Prince of the Forest", where the evil Lady Kale has her trapped in a Dark Stone bubble to lure her wolf-man protector Ian into a trap set up by the Outlaws. Later, the freed Arienda magically ensures that once a year Ian may again turn human and share the moment with his love Princess Gwenevere.

In "Lady of the Lake", Arienda and the Faery Wraiths arrive to rally up the broken Gwen and Sunstar and guide her so she can receive the Staff of Avalon and defeat Kale. Later in "The Last Dance", Arienda also helps Gwen break Morgana's spell and revive Ian with the power of love, restoring the destroyed Circle of the Wraiths.

Legacy Edit

Kara meets the wraiths

In Avalon: Web of Magic, Fairy Wraiths are kind creatures that are the guardians of the series' version of Avalon. They are of human size and have green hair there.

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